Excitebike is a motocross racing video game made by Nintendo. It debuted as a game for the Famicom in Japan in 1984 and as a launch title for the NES in 1985.

ExciteBike has three modes of gameplay. In Selection A, the player races solo. In Selection B, CPU players join the player. They act as another obstacle, hitting one from the back will cause the player to fall off the bike, while any CPU riders hitting the player's rear wheel will cause them to fall off. In Design Mode, the player has the ability to build his or her own racing tracks.

In order to take first place, you must beat "the best time". In order to qualify for the next race (3rd place) you must at least beat the time indicated in the lower left corner of the screen. The most important thing to consider is the orientation of your bike in the air. You will lose a considerable amount of time if you don't land with both wheels on the ground at the same time.
If you hit the rear wheel of another racer or land improperly, you will fall down and have to run to your bike.

You can play this game in fullscreen and save game progress.


Enter - start;    Arrows - move;    Z - acceleration;
X - greater acceleration (holding too long can cause your engine to over heat.);
Press fast X or Z to recover after falling;   Esc = exit fullscreen;