Hammer 2 reloaded

In the game you control the fearless hitman The Hammer, and help him in his quest to cleanse the city of bad guys. The Hammer has 30 missions to complete and does this by destroying or killing the number of targets shown on the left side of the interface, and on the minimap. The action is shown from a thirdperson perspective, and can be controlled by responsive aiming and running controls. The Hammer can shoot targets with his standard gun, or pickup different weapons and even grenades. He can also enter vehicles and turrets, which sometimes provide a lot more firepower. The Hammer also possesses a special power called Hammer Time, in which time slows down, and he can pickup special gadgets that help him or improve his weapons. When the player has finished the game, he can try to complete the three challenges set for each mission. He can also try to get all the achievements, or to collect enough cash to buy all shop items. Some of which are not to be missed!


WASD - move;    Mouse - shoot;    C - hammertime;
X - bomb;    E - enter vehicles;