Kirby's adventure

It's a game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo in 1993 for NES. The game consists of seven worlds, each containing a set of regular levels and a boss fight.
Kirby can walk, run, jump, and he can attack and dodge enemies by slide-tackling. He can also fly by inflating himself, and is able to reach any height that isn't blocked by an obstacle. While flying, Kirby cannot use his other abilities. Kirby's main ability allows him to inhale indefinitely, sucking nearby enemies and objects into his mouth. Once inhaled, objects remain in his mouth until he either spits them out or swallows them. Upon swallowing certain enemies, Kirby immediately "copies" any special abilities that the enemy possesses, giving him access to a wide variety of powers.

You can play this game in fullscreen and save game progress.


Enter - start;    Z - jump;
X - suck in enemies ... shoot out a star ...
use power when Kirby has a copy ability ... puff attack while floating;
Up arrow - fly ... enter door;
Down + X = slide attack;

Esc = exit fullscreen;