Monster Fighting Frenzy

Monster Fighting Frenzy is a point and click fighting game based on the TV series Saban’s Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. Monsters have cornered the Power Rangers and they need your help to defeat them! In Power Rangers Dino Super Charge Monster Fighting Frenzy, the Power Rangers need your help to use their signature weapons and defeat the enemies.

The Rangers will automatically attck nearby enemies but it's up to you to decide when they use their individual attacks. Tread lightly, because if you accidently use a Vivix button, your Ranger will be damaged. Use the Megazord button to summon a Megazord with special super powers, and if you need more assistance, use the Dino Spike button for an even more powerful attack. Still too easy for you? Activate Hard Mode by using the Dino Spike button in the stage select screen.


Use mouse to play.