NHL Hockey

NHL Hockey (titled EA Hockey outside North America) is an ice hockey game by EA Sports. Released in 1991 for the Sega Mega Drive , it is the first game in the NHL series.

Original description:


Includes all 22 NHL teams and two All-Star teams - each skater modeled on 14 different attributes, such as scoring, skating, aggression, and rink awareness.
All the fast-paced action of real hockey - superior skating, body checks, and ballistic slap shots.
Watch out! Slashing, holding, and tripping will earn you some time in the penalty box - if the ref sees you!
Slip one past the goalie and you light up the board - it takes sharp skills and skates to succeed in this league!
This game has all the details down, including instant replay, scouting reports, realistic sounds - booing, cheering, clapping, and dynamic crowd reactions.


Enter - start;    Arrows - move;    Esc = exit fullscreen;

FACE OFF:    X - pass;    C - speed burst;
OFFENSE:    Z - change lines;    X - pass;    C - shot;
DEFENSE:    Z - holds;    X - poke checks;    C - speed burst;

You can change keyboard settings, save (F5) and load (F8) the game.
Put your mouse over the game and choose your settings, you can also play the game in fullscreen.