Punch-Out!!, released later in North America as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, is a boxing video game for NES developed and published by Nintendo in 1987. Part of the Punch-Out!! series, it is a port of Punch-Out!! arcade game.

Original description:

Who'll be the champ in the World Video Boxing Association?

Punch-Out!! It's 13 tough matches in the minor, major and world circuits that lead to the final challenge - the World Video Boxing Association title fight. The ultimate bout against the newest WVBA Champ - Mr. Dream! Practice your hook and take a quick jab. Try to stay light on your feet as you dance left, then right, dodging punches while you throw your own. Boxers from around the world like Piston Honda, Glass Joe and Super Macho Man are all trying to knock you out of the ring. You've trained for months for this moment. There's the bell. Shake hands and come out boxing!


Enter - start;    Z - right hand;    X - left hand;
UP + Z or X = hit enemy in the head;    DOWN - block;
RIGHT or LEFT - dodge in the direction ;    2 x DOWN = duck;
Space - pressed in between rounds, it will regain some of your energy;

You can change keyboard settings, save (F5) and load (F8) the game.
Put your mouse over the game and choose your settings, you can also play the game in fullscreen.