Streets of Rage 2 (Bare Knuckle II)

The game was published by Sega in 1992 for the Mega Drive (Genesis) console. It is the second game in the Streets of Rage series, a sequel to Streets of Rage and followed by Streets of Rage 3.

The city is in trouble. One year has passed since the events of the original Streets of Rage, and once again criminal mastermind Mr. X has risen from the shadows and sent his masses of maniacal minions loose across town.

Original description:
Original rumblers Axel and Blaze slam the asphalt with bigger, better, totally devastating attacks! Skull-crushing ex-wrestler Max Thunder joins up with earth-shattering body slams and spinning fist attacks. New thrasher Skate slices punks with high speed in-line skate attacks and spinning jump kicks. Go maniac with jaw-shattering, bone-busting punches, head-cracking jump kicks and secret weapons. Gangs of dirt bikers dive into you from every side. Smash 'em with a pipe as they speed by.

16 gigantic megs of compound fractures! All new moves, and more of 'em!

Bust knuckles with a friend in an all-new 2-player head-to-head mode!


Enter - start;    Arrows - move;    X - attack (pick up);    Z - special attack;    C - jump;
Esc = exit fullscreen;

You can change keyboard settings, save (F5) and load (F8) the game.
Put your mouse over the game and choose your settings, you can also play the game in fullscreen.