Tecmo World Wrestling

Tecmo World Wrestling is a professional wrestling game for NES released in 1989, where the player can control one of ten fictional international professional wrestlers. The game was released in Japan under the name "Gekitou Pro Wrestling!! Toukon Densetsu".

Original description:

It's your call from the opening bell to the final pin. Select your wrestler and take on any challenge.
Every bodyslam, every cobra twist and piledriver brings you closer to victory.
Will you be the one receiving the Tecmo World Wrestling Championship Belt?


Enter - start (pause);    Arrows - move;    2x RIGHT or LEFT - run;
Z - kick;    X - punch;    Arrows + X or Z = attacks;   Esc = exit fullscreen;

You can change keyboard settings, save (F5) and load (F8) the game.
Put your mouse over the game and choose your settings, you can also play the game in fullscreen.