Little Nemo: The dream master

It is a platform game released on the NES in 1990 by Capcom. It is based on the Japanese animated film, "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland", which itself is based on the comic strip "Little Nemo in Slumberland".

Original description:

Little Nemo receives a royal invitation to visit the castle in Slumberland. Is he dreaming? It seems the princess is looking for a new playmate. When he arrives he is
told that King Morpheus has been kidnapped. Nemo sets off on a wild adventure to rescue the good king and restore peace to the land. Anything can happen in this realm of
imagination. Little Nemo even learns how to get a ride from the local creatures so he can pass through the roughest parts of Slumberland.

- Spectacular graphics bring a dreamworld to life!
- Launch a candy attack against the scarier creatures of Slumberland.
- Rescue the King of good dreams and thwart the Master of Nightmares!


Enter - start (pause);    Arrows - move;    Z - jump (next);    X - attack;

You can change keyboard settings, save (F5) and load (F8) the game.
Put your mouse over the game and choose your settings, you can also play the game in fullscreen.